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What would your business be like if you had a clear plan?


Build Your Business, Build Your Legacy, With a Plan and Support.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
— African Proverb

Do you know the secret to a thriving business?

Action on the right ingredients.

The Business Building & Development Group is a member-only group dedicated to the education, connection and inspiration of multi-passionate newbie and side gig entrepreneurs, looking to build while they work.

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Support and Clear Plans to Follow Exclusively for Newbie Business Owners & Side Gig Entrepreneurs.

Monthly Topics with Training calls.

  • These conference calls and workshops are designed for the busy, on the go entrepreneur that is juggling many plates. They will motivated, inspire you, but also keep you on track for the month!

You’ll feel like like your in the room live!



The Official B.B.D. Business Planner.

This planner will be a game changer for your business! Not only does it includes weekly and daily sheet to keep you on track, but throughout your membership you will become familiar with the DistinctlyPlanned™ Method.

  • Guides, Templates, Cheat sheets, and other tools.

  • Ongoing Support

  • And other resources

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Krystal H.

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