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About Monica

Monica Petit (pronounced Peh-teet) is a Mentor, & Entrepreneur.

I work with individuals who have a vision but lack direction, and need help figuring out where to start.

I show them how to use my proprietary Petit Steps to Success system to plan, & get more out of life, while making it feel guilt free.

And when I'm not building my own brand, you can find me indulging in all things Italian, traveling, playing with my son, checking out new restaurants, and the occasional movie outing.

Transform your vision into reality and start building now so your future self will thank you later. 

My Manifesto. My Belief. My Guide.

When I wake up in the morning, my very first thought is “Thank You.”
And after that,
I am…in competition with myself.
I deserve and will have the best.
I will have the ultimate freedom based life of my dreams.
My heart smiles when I see my son and my heart breaks when connection is lost.
Survivors are my ultimate motivation. More than anything else I care about helping them live independently, not co-dependently.
In my world, Freedom is an absolute necessity.
Travel and trying out a new restaurant is always a fabulous idea.
Living to work is overrated and working for only a paycheck is a definite NO!
Fantasizing about fame, fortune, and influence is totally reasonable.
Striving for a passion filled life is a must.
But at the end of the day love, peace and connection to source is all that really matters.
When I die, I want to be remembered as a person who chased and caught her dreams.
And who inspired others to do the same…too.
Long after I’m gone, My spirit will run through you…