PSTS: Workshop Secrets - 14 Tips For Having a Successful Event

Good planning and plenty of forethought will help ensure your event is a huge success.

Throughout my career in online marketing, event planning & staffing, I have witnessed the power of LIVE EVENTS.

You see,

There is a way to plan and execute live events in such a way that your audience will become your tribe, buy your offers and come back for more!

Have you thought about what could happen if you got in front of your ideal audience? Or if you placed your content, courses and programs in front of them?

Well, I have… I did.

Back in 2014 when I first began my online marketing business, I started with a program that would help business owners such as yourself strategize and plan events around your business niche. While launching it, I launched a Dinner and Workshop Group called the Pink Vitamin Dinner Series. In it I booked a new speaker each month and they spoke around a specific topic over a mouthwatering dinner.

And guess what?

Not only did I grow my tribe, I obtained clients from those events. Many of whom asked me how they could start planning their own events for their business.

But that’s not all…

I booked those events at a venue for FREE.

I handled the Promotions BMS – By My Self.

I researched and contacted Speakers – BMS

You get the point, right?

Each one of us has a zone of genius, and guess what? Event Marketing & Management has always been mine. In fact, my company Lady of Decorum Event Services handles the Event Management of events ranging from Weddings, to Cocktail Parties to Festivals. We even did the Food and Wine Classic in Aspen, Co this year.

Now, I don’t tell you this to brag.

I’m telling you so that you understand the experience that lies with me.

So why am I telling you this…

Well, I’ve decided to bring out some of the content regarding Event Management and Planning for Businesses that I know will help you gain a better understanding of business events and hopefully you will take the leap and start planning your own event, just like I did years ago and still do today.

In fact, here’s a secret….shhhhh…next year you will see more live events from me…!

So, if you’re ready to jump with me into the Live Business Event space & Learn Event Strategies to Increase Your Bottom Line, check out a FREE training I put together for you to get started.

Just click here to get started.

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Here’s to a fabulous Events!


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You’ll Learn

  • Ways to Get Event Help.

  • Maintain a designated Technical person.

  • Why having a clear objective is crucial.

  • Marketing activities to do before, during, and after the event.

  • Sponsorships


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